Floating Solar Solutions

Value proposition

Leveraging on prefabrication of solar arrays yields low costs, fewer faults, high quality, superb HMS and quick installations.

Choice of material and form factor yields high packing density, robustness, superb HMS, unprecedented cooling, less degradation and lower operation and maintenance costs.

Sunlit Sea employs world leading expertise on hydrodynamics, structural integrity, mooring and monitoring.

SunlitSea installation is inherently rugged, rapidly deployable, cost efficient and safe.

01Marine grade solution 02Lowest cost for solar electricity 03Inherently rugged solution 04Fastest installation time 05Unprecedented low aerodynamic drag 06Outstanding health, safety & environment

Key points

Novel technology for floating solar applications.
One stop shop for engineering, procurement and construction projects.
Independent power producer agreements through partners.
Sunlit Sea can provide project funding.
Prototype installed in Oslo fjord, Norway, March 2020.
Sunlit Sea Pakistan branch established in September 2020, Karachi harbor
In final negotiations regarding full scale installation of 1MW at Lierstranda, Norway, Q2 2021.
Planned production facility construction start in Karachi, Pakistan, Q4 2022

Our partners


Detailed engineering

Technical consultancy

Sheet metal forming

Industrial partners

Monitoring and data analysis

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